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Complementary service to “Shopping with a stylist”

Wardrobe analysis


The meeting takes place at the Customer’s home. An analysis of the wardrobe and accessories is made after a preliminary conversation on preferences and needs. It is important to have a large mirror at home as we will present examples of combining styles and colours. We will “detox” your wardrobe, i.e. we will leave only the best clothes for you.


We will group the clothes in your wardrobe, so that you will easily find what you need. We will create newly arranged outfits. These sets of clothes will be photographed and the photos will be described after the meeting – a photo report. This report will be sent to the you as your Personal Style Guide. We will prepare a list of missing items which you should buy to complete your wardrobe taking under consideration your preferences and needs.


Find the complete offer at: http://goshakusper.com/analiza-garderoby

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