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Since 1979, jeans bearing the sign of a large star offer the guarantee of the highest quality and design consistent with current trends. For nearly 40 years jeans have been the staple of BIG STAR’s offer, over the years supplemented with further items of clothing and fashion accessories. Currently, the brand offers a wide selection of jackets, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, dresses, as well as all kinds of accessories, starting from hats, ending with shoes. For BIG STAR’s designers work is their passion, clothes – applied art, and jeans – an element of culture. This authenticity and commitment cause the brand to successively win the loyalty of its Customers in Poland and other countries in Europe and Asia. Currently, there are 180 stores in Poland and further 60 points of sale in Europe and Asia, and both the domestic and foreign network continues to grow. BIG STAR offers stable employment for over 1000 employees, each day ensuring that the brand’s products meet the expectations of yet another generation of Customers. For BIG STAR, trust and loyalty of its Customers equals commitment to deliver products compliant with their expectations and meeting trends which have been changing over the years. The only thing that is unchanged is the quality characterising products sold under the large star sign. And this is how it has been since 1979.



The youth brand was founded in 2004 and its products are addressed to people who value relations with peers and who want to manifest their independence through clothing. Thanks to the cooperation with renowned partners Cropp stores offer products of the following brands: MITCHELL & NESS, KOMONO, SHARPIE, as well as NEW BALANCE and CONVERSE shoes.


Cropp is a partner of many events addressed to artists and young people who indulge their passions. Lately the brand supported, among others, Cropp Tattoo Konwent – an event which attracted artists and fans of tattoo art from all over the world, and the Urban Forms Festival in Łódź which promoted street art.


At the beginning of the exceptional success story of GERRY WEBER International AG in 1973, there was a vision of creating a new and unique combination of fashion, lifestyle and experience. Through intuition, vision and the determination of the founders, as well as a strong team, an international, listed (M-DAX) fashion and lifestyle company emerged. The strong fashion brands inspire women worldwide and are synonymous with a lively lifestyle – exciting, modern and irresistibly feminine


The fashion and lifestyle company presents their internationally successful brands GERRY WEBER, GERRY WEBER EDITION, GERRY WEBER SHOES and TAIFUN – current trends and modern styles on 105 m2.


GERRY WEBER EDITION is a fresh and trendy lifestyle brand – casual, individual and stylish. Separates full of character form a high-quality collection with clever details and a modern and sporty look.


GERRY WEBER is a dynamic lifestyle brand – exciting, contemporary, high-quality and irresistibly feminine! Worldwide, GERRY WEBER provides toplevel fashion and a certain attitude to life; with a clear picture of its customers, GERRY WEBER opens up new possibilities without losing its unique style, always modern and sophisticated. GERRY WEBER represents a lifestyle which implements trends with style-confidence, a true master of the detail who always creates looks which are fascinatingly presented and emphasise the personality.


TAIFUN is fashion for women who know what they want. Feminine individuality meets urban lifestyle. The collection presents a stylish business look which picks up on trends and reflects them in a contemporary look. Selected, high-quality materials and modern silhouettes give each item of clothing a unique character.


The GERRY WEBER shoe collection perfectly complements the fashion line. Each season, colours and styles are harmonised with each other. True to the guiding principle “Fashion meets Comfort”, GERRY WEBER shoes, like the company’s fashion collection, combine the highest standards in comfort, quality and fit with a modern design.


The GERRY WEBER sales team will be happy to offer you an individual style consulting and is looking forward to welcoming you!


H &, M to szwedzka firma odzieżowa oferująca modę damską, męską, młodzieżową i dziecięcą oraz kosmetyki i akcesoria. Firma H &, M, Hennes &, Mauritz powstała w Szwecji, w 1947r i jest jedną z największych firm odzieżowych na świecie. Główną ideą firmy jest oferowanie mody i jakości za najlepszą cenę. W sklepach dostępne są ubrania projektowane przez własnych projektantów firmy, jak również powstałe przy współpracy ze znanymi projektantami (np. Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Lanvin, Versace, Marni).



Born Ready is the job Wrangler has been doing since 1947 blending style and functionality. That first collection was designed for cowboys: denim products that helped them feel Born Ready for life in the saddle. Today, our products have been reinvented for the modern consumer, designing jeans with cutting-edge style that still delivers ultimate performance whatever the occasion. We keep you warm in the cold, dry in the wet and free to enjoy everyday adventures. Wearing Wrangler jeans, shirts and jackets you feel Born Ready for anything life throws at you. 


 Lee is an authentic American denim brand rooted in a strong workwear heritage.Famed for having delivered numerous innovations to the denim world. Lee createdthe first overalls in 1911, invented the zipper-fly jeans as well as the first ever slimdenim jacket. Craftsmanship, quality and service have always been what Lee stands for, since 1889 when Henry David Lee (the founder) established these values as the core of the Lee brand. Over the last 125 years, Lee has stood for craftsmanship and quality,delivering superior fit with great fabric and simple, but special design.


Mohito is a brand developed for women who love fashion and value original, feminine and urban elegance.


WHITE HOUSE to klimatyczne miejsce, w którym znajdują się kolekcje ubrań bazujące na stonowanych kolorach, najmodniejszych fasonach i intrygujących dodatkach. W butiku każda Klienta znajdzie produkt dopasowany do swojego stylu.Asortyment to również modna odzież włoska, projekty znanych artystów m.in. Poli Rudnicki oraz odzież marki własnej. Ciekawy i oryginalny design sprawiają, że po ubrania WHITE HOUSE chętnie sięgają gwiazdy i znane osoby - z pierwszych stron gazet .WHITE HOUSE to marka  stworzona z myślą o nowoczesnych i ambitnych kobietach, które chcą wyglądać elegancko i jednocześnie kobieco.Przemiła obsługa do każdej Klientki podchodzi indywidualnie i służy radą na każdym etapie zakupów.


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