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“Grycan – for generations” is the dynamically growing chain of ice cream parlours found throughout Poland. Our ice cream parlours are a place where you can always find something just right for yourself.


We offer 36 delicious flavours of ice creams and sorbets, providing them in convenient containers for take-away, too. We also encourage our guests to try our juices and fruit cocktails, cream-filled pastry rolls, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, chilled drinks – and above all our wide selection of tantalizing ice cream desserts.


We at Grycan serve our guests the very best. All of our products are prepared from natural ingredients, in accord with our own recipes, ones passed down in our family from generation to generation.


At Grycan every guest feels at home, thanks to our parlours’ inviting décor and our friendly and helpful staff.


Drop in anytime! You’re always welcome at Grycan.

W naszej piekarnio-cukierni odnajdą Państwo wszystko, co najsmaczniejsze. Szeroki wybór tradycyjnego pieczywa pieczonego na naturalnym zakwasie, ciasta i ciastka wypiekane przez Mistrzów Cukiernictwa z wieloletnim doświadczeniem oraz niesamowite torty, które są słodkimi dziełami sztuki. Polecamy również pyszne kanapki, drożdżówki i pączki oraz świeżo mieloną kawę. Więcej informacji : www.krakowskie-wypieki.pl www.fb.com/krakowskie.wypieki 


e-mail: cukiernia@krakowskie-wypieki.pl




Sevi Kebab is a brand that has been operating on the gastronomy market for over 10 years. It is a concept that combines the idea of "fast food" with restaurant elements. The current gastronomic offer of the restaurant is short and simple: above all it is a kebab. It occurs under three forms (tortilla, bread roll, on a plate) and is based on two types of meat (beef and mutton meat and chicken). The menu is complemented by several original Turkish dishes (grilled dishes), additions in the form of fresh vegetables, fries, cereal and sauces, as well as cold drinks and beer. The menu will also include options for vegetarians, including kebab with falafel and hummus.

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