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We speak 50 languages with our customers!

An innovative service is available at the Information Point and at the Car Park Office of Galeria Krakowska: an automated translator. We encourage visitors from abroad to speak their language with us.

Now foreign customers can communicate with us in their native language. We have a multispeaker - a device for translating speech in real time.


Our automatic translator supports 50 languages from different corners of the world. It is especially useful for tourists and business people, allowing them to quickly obtain necessary information.


How does our translator work?

  • The customer speaks their own language.
  • The device translates the words it hears in real time, and thanks to the speech generator, it "speaks" in the foreign language.
  • The staff’s reply will also be quick and easy to understand, because it will be translated immediately after it’s been said.
  • Flawless accent and high accuracy of translation facilitate communication between both parties.


Thanks to the multispeaker at Galeria Krakowska, all foreign customers can talk to us in a simple and pleasant way. So let's talk!

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