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We are open on Sundays

Galeria Krakowska will be open on every Sunday.

Due to the Act on limitation of trade on Sundays and holidays effective as of March 1, 2018, we inform that all shops of Galeria Krakowska will be open on following Sundays:

27 January

24 February

31 March

14, 28 April

26 May

30 June

28 July

25 August

29 September

27 October

24 November

15, 22, 29 December.


Only the selected restaurants and retail units will be open in Galeria Krakowska on following Sundays:

13, 20 January

3, 10, 17 February

3, 10, 17, 24 March

7 April

5, 12, 19 May

2, 16, 23 June

7, 14, 21 July

4, 11, 18 August

1, 8, 15, 22 September

6, 13, 20 October

3, 10, 17 November

1, 8 December.


List of restaurants and retail units:

4D +1

4D -1

Apteka Dr Max

Asia Hung


Bistro - Kuchnia Domowa

Bobo Cafe / Kulkowo

BoboQ Fresh


Burger King

Cinnamon and More

Costa Coffee

Döner City

DOZ Apteka dbam o zdrowie

Express service


Green Caffè Nero

Green It


Jean Louis David

Kantor -1 i +1


KFC +1

KFC -1

Krakowskie Wypieki

Kwiaciarnia Łodyga

La Stazione


Manicure Express

Manipedi +1

Manipedi +2


Mc Donald's +1

Mc Donald's -1

Miyako Sushi

Miyako Sushi -1

Mount Blanc

My Fitness Place

Myjnia samochodowa

Na zdrowie! Fresh

North Fish +1

North Fish -1

Pizza Dominium

Pizza Hut

Poczta Polska

Precle Krakowskie - -1, 0, +1



Sevi Kebab

Słodki Wentzl

Smoke Shop

Sofi Flora


Stacja Soki

Starbucks +1

Starbucks -1

Strefa Fryzur


Szatnia - tunel Magda

Top Press




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New brands

We inform you that you will soon find new brands at GaleriaKrakowska! Visit us!


Interactive playground

Kids Planet

This is an ideal place for active entertainment, when the little ones would like a break from the shopping. Here they’ll find 7 interactive effects that encourage them to have fun (including fish, flowers, beetles and a mosaic). Parents can relax in a special area and take advantage of the phone charging station



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Snaps full of inspiration

Galeria Krakowska is already active on Snapchat!

Subscribe our channel and you'll always have the latest fashion inspirations, ideas and news within easy reach. Find us on Snapchat: galeriakrk

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Parking in new style

Our parkade has undergone a metamorphosis.

Thanks to this, you will be able to make easy and efficient use of the parkade. Here are the improvements prepared for you:

  • an additional ramp connecting levels P2 and P3 opposite the parking entrance  
  • an automatic signalisation system of free parking spaces and traffic direction,
  • a system for identifying license plates – after paying in the self-service ticket booth, the entrance barriers are raised automatically,
  • the Car Navigator application – a system making it easier to find your car’s place,
  • payment may be made by payment cards in the automatic booths.

You’re invited!

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Assistance for your car

You’re not alone in the case of a car breakdown! If you can’t start your engine or have a problem with air pressure in the tires, call for the free assistance of Galeria Krakowska. We’ll provide you with a servicing kit for the battery or an air compressor as quickly as possible!

Write down the number now: +48 512 073 160

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