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Retro games


Date of the event: 6 – 15 X 2017

Did you use to play on an Atari or Amiga? Did you play Tetris or PacMan? If so, then you have a chance to go on a sentimental journey into the past! At Galeria Krakowska’s interactive exhibition, you’ll play cult games, get to know interesting facts on the technology of a few years back, and feel the amazing atmosphere of the 80’s. And if you don’t remember the era of floppy discs, you have a unique occasion to see with your own eyes eight-bit ‘exhibits’, which not so long ago were the peak of technical achievements.

You’re invited to the Retro Games exhibition at Galeria Krakowska!

You’ll see at the exhibition, among others:

  • Amiga, Atari, ZX Spectrum computers and Polish Neptun and Meritum computers, set in scenography of the period,
  • computers allowing one to play the best-known arcade games from the 80’s, such as: Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros, Arkanoid, Tetris, Border Dash, Moon Patrol, Donkey Kong, International Karate, River Raid and Montezuma's.

For school groups at designated times, a guide will be waiting who will present and explain interesting aspects of the world of previous technology: What is a floppy disc? Is there a real brain inside the computer? What was the black and white monitor used for? When was the first computer built?


From 6 to 15 October you can test your skills and have a go at games from the 80’s. We have prepared for you:

  • a game room with video game machines (open from Mon to Fri.: 4.00–8.00 pm, Sat.–Sun.: 12.00–7.00 pm),
  • a printer on which you can print out your portrait using ASCII art technology (open from Mon to Fri.: 4.00–8.00 pm, Sat.–Sun.: 12.00–7.00 pm),
  • the logic computer game Tetris transferred into reality (you can play from Mon to Fri.: 4.00–8.00 pm, Sat.–Sun.: 12.00–7.00 pm).

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